One week in France, then one in Germany, between theater and learning the partner language thanks to the “tandem method”. For 12 – 17 year-olds.

What is a “Tandem Stay”?
A tandem stay is a school-based language exchange program in which two classes from different countries stay together to practice their partner’s language. Informal language exchanges, mutual learning activities, language immersion, cultural visits, hiking… Living together, learning together, discovering each other.

Immersion is an invaluable way to perfect your language skills and open up to the culture of the participants. Rather than a study stay, it’s an adventure, a time for exploration, which frees language from a purely academic context and anchors it in emotion, wonder, curiosity and associates the partner language with unforgettable memories.
With Thealingua, we offer a week in France followed by a week in Germany, combining theater and learning the partner language thanks to the combination of the Tandem and Thealingua methods: intercultural contact and physical, artistic and emotional learning of the language to open up the participants’ learning capacities.

These projects are supported by OFAJ, the Franco-German Youth Office.

Rejoignez-nous !

Registration is open for the next Tandem Stay between Mulhouse and Heidelberg, from July 16 to 26, 2025. Informations and booking available here.