Let's Act Multilingual!

Rethinking and reinforcing language learning at school through theatrical activities in the classroom?

This is the aim for the “Let’s Act Multilingual! network, an ERASMUS+ project involving teachers and actors from the four corners of Europe: France, Germany, Spain and Serbia.

The aim of our project is to rethink and reinforce the teaching of languages in schools through artistic practice, particularly theater, and to give visibility and value to linguistic and cultural diversity in schools and in the extracurricular field through multilingual creative practice, thus giving schools an active role in creating caring spaces conducive to intercultural dialogue, and fostering better understanding between communities.

The project will be carried out over a period of two academic years by beneficiary partners from Germany, Spain, France and Serbia.

The first year will be mainly devoted to formalizing methods and sharing approaches between teachers and trainers, as well as designing a pilot project. The second year will be dedicated to implementing the pilot project, which will culminate in a multilingual show.

The languages mobilized in the project are the European languages taught by the consortium’s trainers, the non-European languages also taught in these organizations (mainly Arabic), and the European and non-European languages spoken by the communities living in the environment of these organizations (Arabic dialects, Amazigh, Maltese, Roma, Turkish, etc.).