Transitions on stage!
To inspire the creation of “transitions”; to make them visible “on stage”; to offer them as pedagogical tools in all fields.

With Cours et Jardins gUG / Thealingua, Efti, Anazites Theatrou and Mille et une Scènes, partners from Germany, Belgium, Greece and France.

* Focusing on proximity: how can we use theater to solve concrete social and environmental problems in our neighbourhood?

Developing creative local responses to a global crisis: environmental, social and health.

* Help promote intercultural understanding and diversity among our target groups (social and cultural work professionals) and their audiences.

* Encourage citizens to participate by creating links that improve the quality of life for all.

* Sharing practices between pedagogues, both within our partnership (our teams, our volunteers) and outside (educators, facilitators, professionals, amateurs and volunteers working with individuals and groups).

* Encourage and motivate participants to develop local projects at the crossroads of theater, local development and civic engagement.

Create a European laboratory for mixed practices between performing artists, social workers, educators and committed citizens. Together, let’s think and develop inclusive, convivial and conscious cooperation.

In the “Transitions on Stage” project, we share local and professional experience with our European partners, and reflect on the teaching methods we develop.