“A project supported by Erasmus + and OFAJ, Artivists, CAP2TRANSITION is aimed at young people aged 18 to 30, to help them set up local artistic projects around the themes of transition.”

Based on the concept of neighborhood, the projects supported aim to raise awareness of transition-related issues and seek solutions based on collective intelligence, citizen involvement and shared experience.

A series of webinars, meetings in Germany, Greece and France, creative projects where participants explore and exchange artistic practices and activism methods. An opportunity for Thealingua to showcase its method of learning foreign languages through theater, and to offer it to young participants.

Strengthen links between the two structures. Build a training and exchange program around the notions of transitions, and propose the method for this hybrid program, taking place both online, with a series of webinars, and face-to-face during three moments of exchange and training activities. Accompany young people in building projects that reflect their vision of the world through art and activism. And initiate positive changes in their living environment.

Develop social ties through creation and collective action.
We wish to federate around the project a community of young artivists who combine art and activism to initiate positive changes in their living environment.
Meet around a common project, favoring the collective over the individual.
Favoring face-to-face communication tools, favoring real exchanges over virtual ones.
Set up creative activities based on project teaching.
Offer and strive for a pleasant, serene and reassuring working environment.
Bring people together by mastering their expressive tools.
facilitate artistic knowledge.
encourage the learning of physical tools through practice (theater, dance, singing, sports, etc.).
promote intercultural understanding
be attentive to individual needs for adaptation and appropriation.
create links with other structures to encourage exchange, mutual knowledge and learning.

The languages involved in the project are European languages such as French, English, German and Greek. We mobilize young people from France, Germany and Greece, and use english as a main exchange vector.


Cours et Jardins, Berlin

Thealingua, projet de recherche et de formation franco-allemand

Fix-In Art, Thessalonique