“L’ingénierie d’accompagnement comme levier d’innovation pédagogique” is an Erasmus + KA2 and European Union cooperation project run by the Innovation Expérimentation Recherche department at EAFC Lyon to promote international dialogue between education professionals and those involved in research and educational innovation.

Les Transnationales, a 36-month partnership between 9 organizations and 6 countries, aims to establish a European overview of pedagogical innovation in Europe.

First meeting in January

The first transnational meeting was organized by the Innovation Experimentation Research Department of Lyon’s École Académique de la Formation Continue (EAFC) and brought together delegations from the 6 partner countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, France and Portugal in January 2024.

As part of the program for this event, Thealingua proposed a workshop to get to know each other, to mobilize the body in order to recognize and reconnect physically, in preparation for group work and the implementation of the observation grid.

Second meeting in March.

As part of our “mobilités croisées” program, we will be welcoming delegations from Romania and Portugal to observe the Thealingua method being applied in Berlin schools.

How can the method be used as a lever for language teachers, to encourage them to teach differently, by moving away from the traditional framework, to give priority to the body, creativity, involvement in space and active teaching?

A 3-year program of cross-cultural encounters between countries. To be continued…

  • Jointly develop a guide to supporting pedagogical innovation
  • Cross-cultural observation of innovative teaching and learning techniques and practices in each participating country.
  • Co-construct a coherent and useful set of documentary resources, methods, tools and teaching aids.
  • Organized around 3 areas of work: the notion of pedagogical innovation, support for innovation and ongoing training for those involved.
  • Encouraging, supporting, promoting and creating partnerships.

Languages: French, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

With the Thealingua method, language is approached in a playful, interactive way, developing comprehension beyond the academic study of language.

In this method, the body takes precedence over words, communication is centered on the non-verbal, and comprehension combines language, space and the body.

In line with the project’s objective, this method is shared with educational players, offering them a new approach to working with language.

November 21 – 23, online: launch phase.

January 15 – 19 2024 : TRANSNATIONALE in Lyon

Between Februart and June 2024 : cross-observation in MADRID, meeting of delegations from two countries in a third host country.

June 1-5 2024 : TRANSNATIONAL Sibu in Romania.

Between September 2024 et June 2025 : cross-observation in ROME.

October 14-18 2025 : TRANSNATIONAL in Madrid, with an accompanying booklet as the final deliverable.

July 6-10 2026 : TRANSNATIONAL in Rome, with training plan as final deliverable.

November 2026 : Final TRANSNATIONAL in Paris or Lyon



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