“Thealingua Europa” is a program validated for 2 years. It is supported by the Centre CREAL association in France and Cours et Jardins gUG in Berlin. 

The project is aimed at the learning community: Thealinguists and enthusiasts of innovative teaching methods based on theater and the body.

3 meetings and 8 quarterly video meetings/trainings of the “learning community”, using an ethical platform to exchange ideas and practices, with the aim of perfecting the Thealingua method together and translating it into German;

  • LOS! To adjust and enrich our practices
  • TEST! To test and evaluate in the field
  • BABEL! To celebrate and disseminate et diffuser

What is the aim of these meetings? To fine-tune the “Thealingua suitcase” through practical workshops, discussion tables…

The Thealingua suitcase is a foreign-language theatrical teaching tool created in 2019. It includes: the method manual, know-how sheets, activities and their supports…

This tool is bound to evolve, to support plurilingualism, composite identities, to face and accept societal changes… To do this, we need to develop our method by analyzing our practices and our training and self-training courses.

The 1st meeting will take place in Berlin from 26/02/ to 01/03/2024.





Retour en images sur la première phase “Los!” de Thealingua Europa